Insurance Information

Dr. Wolpmann participates in and accepts most health insurance plans, including Medicare replacements. Under a particular health insurance, different employers and groups may have different plans. Also specific plans may change on a frequent basis. Please contact your plan or our office to determine if we are a participating provider.
Examples of plans we participate in include but are not limited to:

•  Medicare and most Secondary Carriers
•  Blue Cross
•  Blue Choice
•  Freedom
•  Optimum
•  Multiplan
•  Aetna
•  Benesight
•  Cigna

Please call our office for a complete list of all the insurance plans in which we participate.  Please remember that there is a short window each year in which you can change your plan and if you change to a plan that we do not participate in, there may be no way to see you for another year.   Also remember that many times the best plans are not the cheapest plans.  We highly recommend that our patients consider enrolling with traditional Medicare (not a Medicare HMO!) plus a secondary insurance if this is at all affordable because it will be the most widely accepted plan among all your doctors. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if we can assist you in any way.